Gourmet Pizza Menu at Vini’s

Welcome to our gourmet pizza menu, where culinary artistry meets exceptional quality. Each of our pizzas is thin-based and cooked to perfection in our traditional wood-burning pizza oven, ensuring a delightful crispy crust with every bite. Unleash your creativity and craft your own masterpiece pizza. Start with our classic margherita, featuring a rich tomato base and creamy mozzarella, then personalise it with any five toppings from our extensive list. Experience the joy of creating a pizza that’s uniquely yours, with the authentic taste and quality that only our traditional methods can deliver.

ITSA MASTA PIZZA (pricing in house) 
Create your own master piece pizza. Take one standard margherita pizza (tomato base & mozzarella), and add any five toppings from the list below.

Anchovies – Artichokes – Avocado (seasonal) – Bacon bits – Banana – Beef mince – Black olives – Blue cheese – Brie – Calamari – Capers – Chicken strips (grilled) – Pollo chicken – Chicken livers – Chillies – Egg – Feta cheese – Garlic – Green peppers – Haloumi cheese – Ham – Mozzarella cheese – Mushrooms – Mussels – Onions – Parmesan cheese – Peppadews – Pineapple – Salami – Shrimps – Sliced tomato – Spinach – Spicy beef – Tomato base – Tuna

itsa masta pizza