Gourmet Pizza

All out pizzas are thin-based and cooked to perfection in our traditional wood-burning pizza oven.Any choice will guarantee a mouthful of pure heaven.

Three Cheeses
Cream Cheese,mozzarella and haloumi

Blue Cheese, Pear and Bacon
Cream cheese, mozzarella, blue cheese, sliced pear & bacon bits

Cream cheese, mozzarella, brie cheese, bacon bits & cranberry jelly

Meat Lovers
Tomato base, mozzarella, Pollo chicken, ham, beef mince & beef strips

The Fab
Tomato base, mozzarella, bacon, avocado & feta

Sweet Chili Chicken
Tomato base, mozzarella, grilled chicken strips, pineapple, peppadews & sweet chilli sauce

Fiery Prawn
Tomato base, mozzarella, prawns, chilli, Avocado & rocket

Lamb Masala Calzone
Tomato base, mozzarella and our homemade lamb masala curry in a calzone style pizza

ITSA Masta Pizza
Create your own master piece pizza. Take one standard margherita pizza (tomato base & mozzarella), and add any five toppings from the list below.

Anchovies - Artichokes - Avocado (seasonal) - Bacon bits - Banana - Beef mince - Black olives - Blue cheese - Brie - Calamari - Capers - Chicken strips (grilled) - Pollo chicken - Chicken livers - Chillies - Egg - Feta cheese - Garlic - Green peppers - Haloumi cheese - Ham - Mozzarella cheese - Mushrooms - Mussels - Onions - Parmesan cheese - Peppadews - Pineapple - Salami - Shrimps - Sliced tomato - Spinach - Spicy beef - Tomato base - Tuna